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Positive Feedback ISSUE 62 – Rock 7 reviewed by Mike Wechsberg

[frame src="" width="300" height="168" lightbox="on" title="Townshend Rock 7 Turntable" align="left" ] How does the Rock 7 sound? For large-scale orchestral music, it redefined what I thought an orchestra could sound like on my stereo system, and on other types of music, it brought me closer to the performers than I had ever experienced prior. Moreover, this [...]

Positive Feedback ISSUE 58 november/december 2011

The 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2011 - The Best of the Best! [frame src="" width="300" height="224" lightbox="on" title="The Townshend Rock 7 Turntable" align="left" ] The Townshend Rock 7 Turntable has been my reference for over a year now, well before it started receiving attention in the U.S. audio press and mentions at [...]

Spin Doctor

[frame src="" width="223" height="300" lightbox="on" title="Rock 7 review Opera Now" align="left" ] "Rafael Todes introduces a turntable with ingenius solutions" [see full review] November, 2011 — Rafael Todes Source: Opera Now

Rock 7 – Golden Ear award

Townshend Audio Rock 7 Turntable receives Golden Ear award from The Absolute Sound magazine. [frame src="" width="232" height="149" lightbox="on" title="townshend Rock 7 Golden Ear award" align="left" ] “The latest incarnation of Townshend’s unique ideas of turntable design, including damping of the arm at the front end via a trough of damping fluid, offers truly remarkable [...]

Rock 7 – The Absolute Sound review

One of the world’s most respected reviewers, Robert E Greene,  has given The Rock 7 the most compelling review in The Absolute Sound magazine.  [frame src="" width="200" height="272" lightbox="on" title="Townshend Rock 7 Turntable" align="left" ] “The Rock VII is one amazing turntable design.” “Perhaps there are people who admire vinyl not for its real virtues but for its [...]