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How the Maximum Supertweeter was born

  In the early seventies, I made a version of the HQD speaker system which comprised two Hartley 24” bass drivers, a pair of stacked Quad ESL-57s and a pair of Decca Ribbon speakers (see The Decca’s were used as supertweeters here to augment the treble roll-off associated with the ESL-57s. Inevitably, the ribbons [...]

Interesting reading: Supertweeters and ultra high frequencies

  Townshend Audio has included Maximum supertweeters within the reference system for years and obviously High Res formats have never sounded so good, but what about the sound improvement on other lower res formats? We have listed some essential reading: A white paper "The world beyond 20kHz" An article on "Why do we need Supertweeters?" [...]

From skeptic to believer – Tony Bolton’s review Hi-Fi WORLD magazine

Somewhat initially skeptical, Tony Bolton soon finds the Maximum Super Tweeters a  permanent fixture in his home HiFi system.... “Obviously, given the frequency response of these components, I expected any alteration to the sound to be focussed on the midrange and the treble, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this change included an opening [...]

The eyes have it

Hi-res music sources carry musical information way beyond 20kHz, while modern tweeters and amps can deliver it to your listening seat. But what are we actually hearing, asks Paul Miller. [column col="1/3"] From the very first moment that CD landed on our shores, audio diehards were unconvinced that its limited 44.1kHz sample rate and mere 16-bit quantisation [...]

HiFi Choice Award Edition 2011 – Strictly for the bats?

[column col="1/2"] To extend high-frequency reproduction to 100kHz seems batty, but says Jimmy Hughes, Townshend’s Super Tweeter is supersonic.   The case for subwoofers is fairly easy to make. Most loudspeakers are limited in terms of size and this leads to restricted bass depth. Very few can reproduce frequencies much deeper than 30Hz (and many [...]