Review: Seismic Platform gets ‘Recommended’ badge from Hi-Fi Choice

Jason Kennedy reviews the Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform under the Rega RP6 Turntable, a Leema Antila CD Player & Naim UnitiLite:  "Massive increase in stereo three dimensionality, sound is cleaner”  “A degree of hardness has disappeared and left a stronger sense of timing. "Bass goes deeper" Voice has regained its full richness.  Quite a transformation in [...]

Seismic Isolation Corners review

HiFi critic - Paul Messenger "Seriously impressed by the effect of the Seismic ‘spring-decoupling’ rather than the usual spiking for the loudspeakers…." "...the benefits of decoupling were immediate and surprisingly obvious…..giving notable improvements in imaging and clarity in general…" "…human voices in particular seemed more real and believable, while clarity and information through the bass [...]

Win a pair of DCT 300 Interconnects worth £400

Calling all connoisseurs of great sound By subscribing to the Townshend newsletter and click like on our Facebook page, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a  pair of DCT 300 interconnects (1m pair) worth £400. A winner will be announced in every Townshend's newsletter. Please forward this message to any of your sonically savvy friends [...]

CAD, best sound of Sound & Vision Show @ Bristol 2013

Townshend Speaker cables and the new F1 Fractal Interconnects used in system.   A very good start for CAD (Computer Audio Design) achieving best sound of the show award from the Clarity Alliance. The system: Laptop running JPlay CAD 1543 Townshend Allegri Pre-amplifier Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnects Brinkmann monoblocks Dynaudio C1 speakers Townshend Isolda EDCT [...]

Isolda EDCT speaker cable reviewed by Jason Kennedy

[frame src="http://www.townshendaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Isolda-Speaker-Cable-section.jpg" width="300" height="180" lightbox="on" title="Isolda speaker cable construction" align="left" ] I have been using Townshend Isolda EDCT for a number of years now and regard it to be one of if not the best speaker cable money can buy… This is the cable that makes all the other speaker cables that people send me [...]