Fractal F1 Interconnect gets a HiFi News Editor’s Choice Award

“Laced between my Oppo BDP-105D player/DAC and Krell S-1500 amp, these new Fractal interconnects encouraged a genuinely smooth, detailed and liquid-sounding performance… …the F1 Fractal has a ‘dark’ quality that lets you hear into the soundstage, walk around the musicians and oh-so-easily tease apart the threads of their mix. Bass sounds robust and extended, treble [...]

Adair Acoustic Design test the Allegri Pre

"I initially set up the Allegri in between our Resolution Cantata Music Centre and the ATC Active 50s. These are both serious peices of equipment, so this is a great test for the £2000 Allegri. Its actually quite refreshing to not have to plug in a mains cable into the pre-amp, just makes set up that little bit [...]

Review: Seismic Pods get ‘Recommended’ badge from Hi-Fi Choice

"When I install four of these Pods under my record deck, I notice an improvement in image placement, with instrument positions more clearly defined. I also sense a deeper silence during quieter segments of slower passages of music and an improvement in the dynamic range. With the Pods fitted under a CD player, I perceive [...]

Interesting reading: Supertweeters and ultra high frequencies

  Townshend Audio has included Maximum supertweeters within the reference system for years and obviously High Res formats have never sounded so good, but what about the sound improvement on other lower res formats? We have listed some essential reading: A white paper "The world beyond 20kHz" An article on "Why do we need Supertweeters?" [...]


Vibration from the ground is a now universally accepted as major reason for the variability in the performance of audio equipment. However mild a vibration may seem to us, it will be huge compared with the minute domain in which hi-fi systems process signal information. Just think, if the vibrations have just successfully traversed through [...]

From skeptic to believer – Tony Bolton’s review Hi-Fi WORLD magazine

Somewhat initially skeptical, Tony Bolton soon finds the Maximum Super Tweeters a  permanent fixture in his home HiFi system.... “Obviously, given the frequency response of these components, I expected any alteration to the sound to be focussed on the midrange and the treble, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this change included an opening [...]

The Ear – The best of 2013 – Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable

"This is the speaker cable I have been using for some time but only got around to reviewing this year. I can’t find anything better and I have tried, nothing comes close when it comes to three dimensionality of soundstage and control, depth and power in the bass, it’s also more than able in the [...]