Product of the year 2016 awarded by “the ear”

"So what do Seismic Podiums do for sound quality? If I said “everything” you wouldn’t believe me, but the answer is not far off. They dramatically increase low level resolution so you can hear more detail, they clean up the bass like you wouldn’t believe and the improve dynamics and speed." Jason Kennedy [see full [...]

Seismic Podium, HiFi+ Accessory of the year award 2016

    "The Editor and two other HiFi+ reviewers already use Podiums under their loudspeakers, and speaker companies are taking note, too. This is a real loudspeaker game changer and could spell the end of loudspeaker spikes for many listeners." Full award article as well as a full product review in January's edition downloadable here: [...]

National Audio Show 2015, UK

Over the entire weekend at the National Audio show, Townshend Audio demonstrated how the Seismic Podiums successfully isolate hi-fi equipment. Using two identical Android tablets with a seismograph application, visitors were invited to stamp the floor and see for themselves how remarkably well the Seismic Podium prevented their footfall from disturbing the seismically dampened readout. The [...]

Splendid Isolation

Townshend Audio’s ground-breaking Podium speaker support debuts at Munich HIGH END 2015 Townshend Audio, the world’s only manufacturer of isolation systems that protect hi-fi and AV equipment from seismic microtremors, will be showing its new range of Seismic Isolation Podiums at HIGH END 2015 - Halle 2 M09/NO6.   The Seismic Podium is designed to break the [...]

The Ear – Seismic Speaker Isolation review

"Townshend has always sought to explain why his loudspeaker isolation products make so much difference, and this would seem to be a feasible answer. I have recently been trying Seismic Speaker Bars under PMC fact.8 speakers and have been shocked at the benefits that they accrue. The noise floor drops dramatically and the speakers ‘disappear’ [...]

HiFi News Show 2014: Townshend report

Townshend brought together the complete Glastonbury Hi-Fi system for the first time. Manufactured entirely within London, just 10 miles from the HiFi News show, they premiered the final components in the line-up. The brand new 403W hybrid solid-state/vacuum-tube mono blocks that partner the fully Fractal wired Tor loud-speakers connected with the all new Fractal-wire speaker [...]

Seismic Isolation pods review – Positive Feedback ISSUE 75

"Townshend Seismic Isolation Pods are now available and are a true masterpiece of isolation technology and tremendous enhancement of sonic neutrality preventing floor born feedback. I think that they are amazing. They are priced right, and perform at many times their cost! Fabulous under solid state and tube gear, they are the best individual support [...]