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Fractal F1 Interconnect gets a HiFi News Editor’s Choice Award

“Laced between my Oppo BDP-105D player/DAC and Krell S-1500 amp, these new Fractal interconnects encouraged a genuinely smooth, detailed and liquid-sounding performance… …the F1 Fractal has a ‘dark’ quality that lets you hear into the soundstage, walk around the musicians and oh-so-easily tease apart the threads of their mix. Bass sounds robust and extended, treble [...]

How the Maximum Supertweeter was born

  In the early seventies, I made a version of the HQD speaker system which comprised two Hartley 24” bass drivers, a pair of stacked Quad ESL-57s and a pair of Decca Ribbon speakers (see The Decca’s were used as supertweeters here to augment the treble roll-off associated with the ESL-57s. Inevitably, the ribbons [...]

Adair Acoustic Design test the Allegri Pre

"I initially set up the Allegri in between our Resolution Cantata Music Centre and the ATC Active 50s. These are both serious peices of equipment, so this is a great test for the £2000 Allegri. Its actually quite refreshing to not have to plug in a mains cable into the pre-amp, just makes set up that little bit [...]

Review: Seismic Pods get ‘Recommended’ badge from Hi-Fi Choice

"When I install four of these Pods under my record deck, I notice an improvement in image placement, with instrument positions more clearly defined. I also sense a deeper silence during quieter segments of slower passages of music and an improvement in the dynamic range. With the Pods fitted under a CD player, I perceive [...]

Interesting reading: Supertweeters and ultra high frequencies

  Townshend Audio has included Maximum supertweeters within the reference system for years and obviously High Res formats have never sounded so good, but what about the sound improvement on other lower res formats? We have listed some essential reading: A white paper "The world beyond 20kHz" An article on "Why do we need Supertweeters?" [...]

Join us @ Audio World ’14, Brighton 29-30 March

This year at Brighton, Townshend Audio will present their very latest range of system upgrades that can help transform any good Hi-Fi into something that is unmatched in resolution and transparency. At Townshend,  a great foundation has always been key,  because by insuring that all Hi-Fi components are effectively isolated from vibration, any system is [...]