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What is Meridian’s MQA?

Suppose somebody popped the question: “What is Meridian’s MQA?”. How would you describe it?  In a nutshell, it can be described a type of ‘MP3 for audiophiles’… because it encodes large (hi-res) digital audio into smaller-sized files that are no bigger than CD-sized files. Should the encoding become ubiquitous in mastering studios, music streamed to [...]

The North West Audio Show

Townshend Audio at The North West Audio Show. This demonstration caused a sensation at the High End show in Munich. At Cranage Hall, on the 28th of June Townshend will have two high sensitivity seismographs on the top of PMC’s stunning Fact 12 speakers, one traditionally spiked to the floor and the other on Seismic Podium Isolation. [...]

Heading to HIGH END Munich. CU@ Halle 2 M09/NO6

About HIGH END Munich’s annual HIGH END show is Europe’s premier showcase for high-performance hi-fi and home cinema equipment. This year’s show takes place between the 14th and 17th of May. For more information, visit:     Max Townshend will be explaining through short presentations just how important it is to isolate Hi-Fi components, especially loud-speakers from ground-borne [...]

Splendid Isolation

Townshend Audio’s ground-breaking Podium speaker support debuts at Munich HIGH END 2015 Townshend Audio, the world’s only manufacturer of isolation systems that protect hi-fi and AV equipment from seismic microtremors, will be showing its new range of Seismic Isolation Podiums at HIGH END 2015 - Halle 2 M09/NO6.   The Seismic Podium is designed to break the [...]

See us 20/21/22 February @ Sound & Vision – The Bristol Show

  On show is the full Seismic Isolation range to truly isolate speakers, amplification and source components from earthquake vibrations. The award winning Supertweeters improve the clarity throughout the frequency range: voices are more realistic, with more tangible sounds and an extra sense of space. F1 Fractal Interconnects that give ground breaking clarity and detail [...]

Seismic Isolation Speaker Bars – hi-fi+ Equipment Review by Jason Kennedy

"Townshend Seismic Speaker Bars produce a result that goes way beyond what you might expect from ‘speakers on springs’. To get an improvement in absolute resolution, precision of timing and solidity of stereo image from something so apparently simple is extraordinary. These things really do change the game, move the goalposts, and revolutionise the way we should think about speaker [...]

The Ear – Seismic Speaker Isolation review

"Townshend has always sought to explain why his loudspeaker isolation products make so much difference, and this would seem to be a feasible answer. I have recently been trying Seismic Speaker Bars under PMC fact.8 speakers and have been shocked at the benefits that they accrue. The noise floor drops dramatically and the speakers ‘disappear’ [...]

HiFi News Show 2014: Townshend report

Townshend brought together the complete Glastonbury Hi-Fi system for the first time. Manufactured entirely within London, just 10 miles from the HiFi News show, they premiered the final components in the line-up. The brand new 403W hybrid solid-state/vacuum-tube mono blocks that partner the fully Fractal wired Tor loud-speakers connected with the all new Fractal-wire speaker [...]

Seismic Isolation pods review – Positive Feedback ISSUE 75

"Townshend Seismic Isolation Pods are now available and are a true masterpiece of isolation technology and tremendous enhancement of sonic neutrality preventing floor born feedback. I think that they are amazing. They are priced right, and perform at many times their cost! Fabulous under solid state and tube gear, they are the best individual support [...]