DCT 300 Interconnects

DCT 300 has been winning awards since 2002 for its open, uncoloured sound and world beating transparency. The secret is in the 99% air insulation. All insulation materials add distortion to the signal so we place bare thin copper strip conductors into thin walled PTFE tubing where only the edge of the strip is in contact with the insulator.

We use Enhanced™ Isolda Deep Cryogenic Treated (EDCT) copper because it consistently outperforms all other materials in terms of transparency and neutrality. Termination is by audiophile grade locking collet gold plated RCA phono plugs. DCT 300 balanced is fitted with Neutrik XLR connectors.

When the music poured through these British cables, I blurted an involuntary hoot of approval.” Jay Fisher, Six Moons

Warning: Townshend Audio cables are designed to offer maximum transparency for their price, unlike other cables they are not a substitute for tone controls.


  • Like the other Townshend Audio products I have experience of, it is not so much what the DCT300 does right, rather, it is the absence of that which is wrong, that makes this cable so good.
    Julian, UK.
  • I received the cables and today I connected them. No doubt there is a quantum improvement over the VdH I was using - bigger soundstage, more spread-out of instruments, better clarity and most important, bass has become really powerful. Thank you for sending me such wonderful cables.

    Mr G, India.
  • Inductance 0.5uH
    Capacitance 25pF
    Resistance 50mohm
    Leakage >350Mohm
    Impedance 52ohms
  • DCT 300 Interconnect cables receive Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product

    In Hi Fi News December 2012, twelve pairs of interconnects were auditioned by John Bamford and his listening panel. The Townshend DCT 300 came out on top. “The DCT 300’s resolution and lack of obvious coloration was praised highly by the listeners…sound was open and vivid-but with, subjectively, a more extended and detailed bass. Forensic inspection of fine detail…Bantock’s symphony sounded evenly balanced throughout, the DCT 300 allowing the stirring flow of the music to breath“.