For nearly five decades the team of highly qualified engineers at Townshend Audio have been working towards building the hi-fi system of your, and lets be frank their, dreams. Their quest is to find the best solution for every problem in the audio replay chain and build the ideal high fidelity music reproduction system is guided by common sense and sound engineering practice.

To create this system they had to re-visit almost every component, from source to speaker. Along the way they encountered many unproductive dead-ends and established that there was no single technology or silver bullet that could transform an ordinary hi-fi into an excellent one.

By taking a rigorous approach to the design of every component in the system the result is an exceptional music system. It has been highly praised as the best system ever heard by many discerning listeners and respected critics, including a number of professional soloists and orchestral players.

Along the path of discovery Townshend have developed a number of components and techniques that are indispensable in the system and which have been shown to enhance other high-end audio systems.
The Townshend Audio recipe for audio nirvana

  • Digital and analogue source components
  • Transistors, valves and transformers in the amplification stages
  • Fractal Wire™ copper conductors
  • Steel and re-constituted stone speaker cabinets
  • Seismic Load Cell™isolation for speakers and components

Singly or in combination Townshend Audio’s multi award-winning components will enhance the performance of any hi-fi system.

In the future more components from the system will be made available and these will be announced here and by newsletter. Making music is art, reproducing it is engineering!