Allegri+ Preamplifier

    • Unrivalled sound quality with crystal clear treble, open mid-band and subterranean bass
    • Ultra high end performance in a small package
    • Purely passive Autotransformer design wired throughout with Fractal-Wire™ to perfectly match any source component with any power amplifier
    • No mains noise, no electronic hash and no requirement for esoteric mains conditioners or power cord

The Allegri+ Passive Autotransformer preamp is exceptionally transparent, has absolutely no noise and has enormously wide bandwidth.

It has vanishingly low distortion, very powerful and deep bass and amazing drive throughout the audio band. Treble is crystal clear with not a hint of hardness or brashness. It just sounds right!

The nature of the transformer design eliminates the problems usually associated with resistive passive controls. At the zero dB setting the input signal is directly connected to the output. This means that the output impedance of The Allegri+ is the same as the output impedance of the source component. Further, the input impedance of The Allegri+ is equal to the input impedance of the power amplifier at this setting.

At -6dB (output voltage half the input voltage), the input impedance of The Allegri+ is four times the input impedance of the power amplifier and the output impedance of the Allegri+ is one quarter of the source impedance.

At -20dB (10 to 1), the input impedance of the Allegri+ is one hundred times the power amplifier impedance and the output impedance of the Allegri+ is one hundredth of the impedance of the source component. It is thus clear that the interconnect cable capacitance will have no effect on the performance of the Allegri+.

There are no coupling capacitors or active devices in the signal path in The Allegri+ and the absence of a noise-injecting power supply guarantees ultimate sound quality.

Townshend allegri+ front panel

Townshend allegri+ rear panel

The Allegri+ has a six-position input selector, a mute switch and a 24-position volume control with intervals chosen to cover a wide range of volume levels in different systems. Its state-of-the-art autotransformers are wound with Townshend Audio Fractal-Wire™ and laminated with ultra-thin mu-metal laminations for the highest possible resolution. There are six pairs of gold plated stereo phono inputs and two pairs of outputs and a 3.5mm input jack on the front panel. The case is made of anodised aluminium.

Preamps of today do not require gain as all quality source components have an output of about 2 volts with a low output impedance. Any competent power amplifier will achieve full output with typically 1 volt and have a high input impedance. Unlike conventional passive controllers the Townshend Allegri+ matches the impedance requirements of source and amplifier so that full dynamics are retained.

Fractal-Wire ™ results in the most accurate, uncoloured and open-sounding preamplifier possible – with astonishing transparency and resolution of fine detail. It is DC coupled with no capacitors in the signal path.

It is essential to use F1 Fractal-Wire™ interconnects for both input and output of the Allegri+, so as not to compromise the profound advantage of the Fractal-Wire wound transformers.

For the very best sound quality, we recommend optimising your system by using Townshend F1 Fractal™ Interconnects and F1 Fractal™ Speaker Cables.
Female XLR to Phono and Phono to male XLR adaptor cables are available separately, enabling full balanced operation.

Townshend Allegri+ attenuation table

    • Fractal-Wire ™, results in the most accurate, uncoloured and open-sounding preamplifier possible – with astonishing transparency and resolution of fine detail.

    • Autotransformer Passive Stereo Preamplifier A high fidelity line level controller that selects 6 RCA phono inputs, adjusts gain and provides 2 RCA phono outputs.

    • Purely passive device eliminates signal degradation caused by mains-born noise.

    • 6 inputs, 2 outputs.

    • 24 position volume control provides gain change from 0dB to -52 dB.

    • Mute switch to select off at any volume setting.

    • DC coupled with no capacitor in the signal path for ultimate sound quality.
  • Frequency response: 8Hz-100kHz +/- 0.1dB
    Maximum signal level: 4V RMS 8Hz; 10V RMS 20Hz
    Maximum DC offset : 5mV. (For undistorted 8Hz)
    Distortion: Less than 0.01% at 400Hz, 10V (2nd and 3rd harmonic only)
    Input impedance is dependent upon the load impedance and gain setting. So, with a power amplifier having 20kohm input impedance (typical)
    Impedance: At 0dB, input impedance is 20kohm
    At -10dB (normal listening) input impedance is 200k
    Inputs: 6 pairs RCA phono sockets (gold plated)
    One 3.5mm stereo socket on front panel.
    Outputs: 2 pairs RCA phono sockets (gold plated)
    Width: 135mm (5.3in)
    Height: 53mm (2.1in)
    Depth: 326mm (12.8in)
    Weight: 2kg (4.4lb)
  • After 40 years of research encompassing all styles of amplification - including discrete transistor (bipolar & FET), integrated circuit, valve (tube) and digital - we have found that all active implementations inevitably cause a slight veiling, noise and detail loss.

    Furthermore all volume controls - potentiometers (carbon, plastic film and Cermet), switched resistor, optical and digital - similarly cause varying degrees of veiling and detail loss.

    Conventional transformer volume controls are excellent. However it is very difficult to achieve a flat frequency response at all volume settings due to the stray capacitance reacting with the unterminated coil sections.

    The claim that transformer controls allow for balanced operation is only partly true as the circuit cannot be fully balanced due to asymmetry in the configuration. Allegri is special because it uses an autotransformer for volume instead of a potentiometer. A potentiometer is like an automatic car where the accelerator is on full and speed is regulated by the brake, an autotransformer is more like a manual car where speed is controlled by an accelerator. Also, the use of Fractal-Wire™ reduces losses to virtually zero.
  • Allegri+ Passive Preamplifier - Outstanding Product Award!


    “The Allegri+ is one of the most effortless and honest sounds you will ever hear, with a top end that is as crystal clear as fine cut diamonds and has a bandwidth that stretches on for days. Play any of your favourite music and try and work out where all the added bass comes from.”
    Dominic Marsh – HiFi Pig

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    Townshend Allegri+ Preamplifier: U.S.A. Premier Review


    “The Townshend Audio Allegri+ Preamplifier’s U.S.A. premier opens a whole new category for audiophile line stage owners: exceptionally high-quality Passive System Control. With the use of outstanding new wire technology, the Allegri+ Preamplifier is the world’s first honest-to-goodness high-end audiophile passive line stage. You have no power cord to choose, no tubes, and no transistors. With no describable sonic weaknesses or colorations, it provides a flexible controller for your finest gear to produce their true musical excellence. “

    Robert H. Levi  – Positive feedback


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    Allegri Preamp HiFi+ review by Alan Sircom



    The big revelation though was the sound quality. It was the sound of nothing getting in the way. And the important part of that was within a few bars, you realised that practically all the products you’ve heard that make that claim (and the products about which you have made that claim) are the sound of ‘almost’ nothing. There is nothing here; it’s like direct injecting the sound of your CD player or DAC into your amplifier, only without the brief shriek of loudspeaker cones dying…

    …Stereo separation is first rate, and doesn’t fall into the trap of imposing its own sense of image size to the sound; what’s on the disc is what gets out  of the loudspeakers. If it’s a wall of sound recording, it will sound like a wall of sound. If it’s a carefully preserved recording of an unamplified instrument in a live space, that’s what you get. If you move from disc to disc, you hear the change in recording environments, but this isn’t the kind of device that draws your attention to that sound, thus giving you a dose of audiophilia nervosa. You just sit and listen to your music, enrapt…

    …Highly recommended? Hell, things like the Townshend Allegri don’t come along that often. If you like music, you will like the Allegri. It’s that simple.

    ALAN SIRCOM – HIFI+ September 2014

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    Adair Acoustic Design test the Allegri Pre

    Allegri autotransformer Preamp

    “I initially set up the Allegri in between our Resolution Cantata Music Centre and the ATC Active 50s. These are both serious peices of equipment, so this is a great test for the £2000 Allegri. Its actually quite refreshing to not have to plug in a mains cable into the pre-amp, just makes set up that little bit easier. Once it was all ready, I hit play.

    The sound is quite extraordinary; it was up there with the most transparent sounds that I have encountered.  It has it has far less of the top end fizz that earmarks normal “hi-fi” sound, as opposed to natural un-amplified sound. There is a good bass presence with the Allegri, it shows a really impressive dynamic range.”

    Adair Acoustic

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    Allegri preamp, refined & natural. Reviewed by Maarten Van Casteren


    Having happily owned a Django for many years, Maarten Van Casteren compares his cherished transformer pre amp with the Townshend Allegri, and surprises even himself.

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