The ear of a music lover, the mind of an engineer

After decades of intensive research and continual development the team of engineers at Townshend Audio have produced the Ultimate Reference in high fidelity systems.

To create this system Townshend Audio have had to analyse every component from source to speaker.

The established audio design rules have been analysed and preserved, enhanced or discarded.

The following indispensable techniques developed by Townshend Audio are available to the discerning Audiophile and can be used to enhance any system.

Each additional element offers another step toward a totally convincing musical presentation, with life like timbre, accurate reproduction of notes, improved attack and extended decay.

Real stunners – Accessory of the year 2020

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SteroNET reviews the Allegri Reference

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Allegri Preamplifier

The Allegri has vanishingly low distortion, very powerful and deep bass and amazing drive throughout the audio band. It just sounds right!

Transparent and uncoloured Cables

Discover what transparency really means; our award-winning interconnects and speaker cables deliver sound that is nothing short of a revelation.

Maximum Supertweeters

Supertweeters deliver integrity in the high frequencies where most speakers err. This means that CDs sound more natural and analogue reaches new heights.

Seismic Vibration Isolation

We have been pioneering hi-fi system isolation technology since 1987. The new Seismic Isolation system is the best in the audio universe.