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CAD, best sound of Sound & Vision Show @ Bristol 2013

Townshend Speaker cables and the new F1 Fractal Interconnects used in system.   A very good start for CAD (Computer Audio Design) achieving best sound of the show award from the Clarity Alliance. The system: Laptop running JPlay CAD 1543 Townshend Allegri Pre-amplifier Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnects Brinkmann monoblocks Dynaudio C1 speakers Townshend Isolda EDCT [...]

Isolda EDCT speaker cable reviewed by Jason Kennedy

[frame src="" width="300" height="180" lightbox="on" title="Isolda speaker cable construction" align="left" ] I have been using Townshend Isolda EDCT for a number of years now and regard it to be one of if not the best speaker cable money can buy… This is the cable that makes all the other speaker cables that people send me [...]

DCT 300 Interconnect cables receive Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product

[frame src="" width="300" height="134" lightbox="on" title="DCT 300 Cryogenic interconnect cables" align="left" ] In Hi Fi News December 2012, twelve pairs of interconnects were auditioned by John Bamford and his listening panel. The Townshend DCT 300 came out on top. "The DCT 300's resolution and lack of obvious coloration was praised highly by the listeners...sound was [...]

Positive Feedback ISSUE 62 – Rock 7 reviewed by Mike Wechsberg

[frame src="" width="300" height="168" lightbox="on" title="Townshend Rock 7 Turntable" align="left" ] How does the Rock 7 sound? For large-scale orchestral music, it redefined what I thought an orchestra could sound like on my stereo system, and on other types of music, it brought me closer to the performers than I had ever experienced prior. Moreover, this [...]

Allegri Review – Hi Fi Critic April/June 2012 – Martin Colloms

[frame src="" width="240" height="232" lightbox="on" title="Allegri Pre HiFi Critic review" align="left" ]Martin Colloms for Hi Fi critic gives the Allegri a massive 235: "The listeners were immediately aware of the lack of electronic hash, glare, hardness and artificiality. Instead we heard near magical transparency, exceptional bandwidth, tight control, fine clarity, wide dynamic range, excellent pace [...]

Allegri Review HiFi Choice – March 2012

[frame src="" width="240" height="156" lightbox="on" title="Allegri-Review-HiFi-Choice-March-2012" align="left" ] "There is something about hearing the extra layers of sound and effects in a complex mix. If you want to hear more of the nuance and phasing in your favourite records, whatever format they may be in, then this is something of a bargain…. It imbues the music [...]

The eyes have it

Hi-res music sources carry musical information way beyond 20kHz, while modern tweeters and amps can deliver it to your listening seat. But what are we actually hearing, asks Paul Miller. [column col="1/3"] From the very first moment that CD landed on our shores, audio diehards were unconvinced that its limited 44.1kHz sample rate and mere 16-bit quantisation [...]

Positive Feedback ISSUE 58 november/december 2011

The 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2011 - The Best of the Best! [frame src="" width="300" height="224" lightbox="on" title="The Townshend Rock 7 Turntable" align="left" ] The Townshend Rock 7 Turntable has been my reference for over a year now, well before it started receiving attention in the U.S. audio press and mentions at [...]

Spin Doctor

[frame src="" width="223" height="300" lightbox="on" title="Rock 7 review Opera Now" align="left" ] "Rafael Todes introduces a turntable with ingenius solutions" [see full review] November, 2011 — Rafael Todes Source: Opera Now

HiFi Choice Award Edition 2011 – Strictly for the bats?

[column col="1/2"] To extend high-frequency reproduction to 100kHz seems batty, but says Jimmy Hughes, Townshend’s Super Tweeter is supersonic.   The case for subwoofers is fairly easy to make. Most loudspeakers are limited in terms of size and this leads to restricted bass depth. Very few can reproduce frequencies much deeper than 30Hz (and many [...]