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Vibration from the ground is a now universally accepted as major reason for the variability in the performance of audio equipment. However mild a vibration may seem to us, it will be huge compared with the minute domain in which hi-fi systems process signal information. Just think, if the vibrations have just successfully traversed through [...]

Join us @ Sound & Vision Bristol Show 21st-23rd Feb

On show Townshend's system upgrades: • Maximum Supertweeters • Isolda EDCT Speaker cables, DCT Interconnects range and F1 FRACTAL Interconnects • Seismic Vibration Isolation range All indispensable in the quest for improved sonic fidelity. In addition: • Rock 7 MKII, Merlin power supply and Excalibur II pick-up arm • Allegri Pre-amp For more info check out the Sound [...]

From skeptic to believer – Tony Bolton’s review Hi-Fi WORLD magazine

Somewhat initially skeptical, Tony Bolton soon finds the Maximum Super Tweeters a  permanent fixture in his home HiFi system.... “Obviously, given the frequency response of these components, I expected any alteration to the sound to be focussed on the midrange and the treble, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this change included an opening [...]

The Ear – The best of 2013 – Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable

"This is the speaker cable I have been using for some time but only got around to reviewing this year. I can’t find anything better and I have tried, nothing comes close when it comes to three dimensionality of soundstage and control, depth and power in the bass, it’s also more than able in the [...]

Review: Seismic Platform gets ‘Recommended’ badge from Hi-Fi Choice

Jason Kennedy reviews the Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform under the Rega RP6 Turntable, a Leema Antila CD Player & Naim UnitiLite:  "Massive increase in stereo three dimensionality, sound is cleaner”  “A degree of hardness has disappeared and left a stronger sense of timing. "Bass goes deeper" Voice has regained its full richness.  Quite a transformation in [...]

Seismic Isolation Corners review

HiFi critic - Paul Messenger "Seriously impressed by the effect of the Seismic ‘spring-decoupling’ rather than the usual spiking for the loudspeakers…." "...the benefits of decoupling were immediate and surprisingly obvious… notable improvements in imaging and clarity in general…" "…human voices in particular seemed more real and believable, while clarity and information through the bass [...]

Win a pair of DCT 300 Interconnects worth £400

Calling all connoisseurs of great sound By subscribing to the Townshend newsletter and click like on our Facebook page, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a  pair of DCT 300 interconnects (1m pair) worth £400. A winner will be announced in every Townshend's newsletter. Please forward this message to any of your sonically savvy friends [...]